SSFP University

GDOT SSFP University- Next Level Programming for Next Level Leaders

Each course in the SSFP University curriculum is designed to provide information and resources to assist Small Businesses, DBEs, and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses with engagement on GDOT state-funded projects.

GDOT 101: Understanding the Basics – Understanding the Organization

GDOT 101: Understanding the Organization is designed to highlight the various support services in place to assists the small business community with project engagement and business growth. U will gain a deeper understanding of:

GDOT: State Supported Funding Program

GDOT: DBE Certification & Supportive Services

GDOT: Major Mobility Improvement Project- Support

GDOT: Small Business Program

GDOT 101: Understanding the Basics -Navigating the GDOT Website

  • Know the GDOT web address and how to access the GDOT website.
  • Understand how to navigate the GDOT website to access pertinent information for doing business with the Agency.
  • Access information on the GDOT website that can assist with business development activities

GDOT 102: Agency Engagement – DOAS Registration

  • Receive step-by-step instructions on completing registration with Georgia’s Department of Administrative Services (DOAS)
  • Learn how to navigate opportunities within the Georgia Procurement Registry
  • Access award information to analyze and refine your bids

GDOT 102 -Agency Engagement: Form 478

In order to work as a Prime or Sub-contractor on GDOT projects, firms must be pre-qualified or registered! If you are hoping to become a Prime Contractor, the term “pre-qualified” relates to you. If you are interested in becoming a sub-contractor under the direction of a prime contractor, the term “registered” pertains to you. This video will explore Form 478, the required document for Primes and Subs alike. After viewing, you will be able to answer:

  • Is your company a “good fit” for GDOT work?
  • Who?, What?, Where?, When?, and How? of Form 478.
  • What is my company’s GDOT work class codes?
  • How GDOT uses reference letters as a supplement to the Form.