Am I Ready to Do Business with GDOT?

Are you interested in providing routine maintenance services to the Georgia Department of transportation (GDOT)? If you answered “yes” to the aforementioned question, there are very important details that one must consider.

Let’s pause for a moment and discuss business generally. In Josh Kaufman’s book, The Personal MBA, he describes the Five Parts of Every Business…

“Roughly defined, a business is a repeatable process that:

  • Creates and delivers something of value…
  • That other people want or need…
  • At a price they’re willing to pay…
  • In a way that satisfies the customer’s needs and expectations…
  • So that the business brings in enough profit to make it worthwhile for the owners to continue operation.”

When examining your business, can you identify the value that you are delivering? Are you able to pinpoint who would want or need the value that you are delivering? Are they willing to pay you to deliver this value? Can you deliver this value in a way that satisfies that customer’s needs? Lastly, in doing so, are you making enough profit to keep the business up and running?

After carefully considering each of the previously mentioned questions, hopefully you were able to answer “yes” to all of them. The truth is… one (1) resounding “no” to any of them is probably indicative that not only are you not ready to do business with GDOT…you may not be ready to do business with anyone!

Asking and answering the questions related to the five parts of every business, both honestly and accurately, is the key to charting a pathway to success with the Georgia Department of Transportation. If indeed you are answering “no” to any part, the bright side is that you can absolutely turn a “no” into a “yes?” One might ask, how? How can I turn my “no” into a “yes?” It’s simple, reach out to our SSFP team and let us assess where you are. Let us craft a custom pathway for you to position your firm for GDOT business!

OK, now that I’ve given my shameless plug for the GDOT SSFP team, let’s get back to business. Let’s see if your firm is ready to do business with GDOT!

To start, routine maintenance is comprised of sixteen (16) different categories and if your firm provides services in any of those categories, you are (1), creating something of value that (2), GDOT wants or needs. Hopefully, you have enough experience and resources to competitively price your offering at (3), a price that GDOT is willing to pay. Side note, GDOT has a lowest, responsive, responsible bidder process…A/K/A the lowest price wins! So, hopefully you’ve been able to master the art of estimating. Once you’ve quoted a price your client (GDOT) is willing to pay, you must (4), deliver that service at a level that satisfies the customer’s needs and expectations.  If you are successful at steps one (1) through four (4), then hopefully (5), you will make enough profit to continue your firm’s operations and repeatedly take advantage of routine maintenance invitations to bid.

Are you ready to do business with GDOT? Well, I guess we are just going to have to see! Schedule a consult with a member of GDOT’s SSFP team today. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.


Jason Johnson

Business Consultant

GDOT State Supportive Services