What’s In Your Toolbox?

As an entrepreneur, you need tools to help you carry out your business operations. The State Supportive Services team has developed training in key areas to assist Firms in delivering services to the Georgia Department of Transportation. This training is designed specifically for small businesses and is typically led by experienced entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable about the challenges small business owners face when conducting business.

After servicing hundreds of Firms throughout the state of Georgia, the SSFP team has identified essential tools that every business owner needs to run a successful enterprise. More specifically, for those firms interested in doing business with GDOT, we ask, what’s in your toolbox?

If you are a firm interested in doing business with GDOT, your toolbox should consist of the following:

Money – Obviously every business needs money to operate. However, money takes on a lot of different forms, Money can come in the form of cash or credit. Occasionally, money can be borrowed in the form of a loan. What about your credit profile? Did you know that things like your credit score can impact your ability to receive loans, credit lines, insurance and even bonding? Your toolbox must consist of a healthy combination of money in all its forms. This will allow you to tackle the challenges of doing business. Do you have money in your toolbox? Our training ranges from credit and financial management to establishing mutually beneficial relationships to obtain Bonding, Lines of Credit and Business Loans.

Staffing – Are you looking for skilled dedicated workers to augment your workforce? The SSFP Team has established partnerships with staffing agencies to fill this need. The focus of our training is not only about acquiring the appropriate skilled workers, but also retaining and developing your employees and contractors to provide excellent service.

Contracts – Firms approved for routine maintenance work with the Georgia Department of Transportation will receive a five (5) year Master Maintenance Service Agreement. Do you fully understand the legal implications of this written, binding, and enforceable document? The contracts training will ensure you understand the terms, conditions and obligations on your company. Businesses are reminded to ensure they understand project contracts and agreements prior to signing.

Bidding – To win projects with the Georgia Department of Transportation, you must submit a bid for the opportunity.  Do you understand how to estimate the costs of your services? Are your bids in line with your competitors? Our training on bidding will focus on techniques to create balanced bids which are low cost, reasonable and responsive for the Agency.

Scheduling – Delivering projects on time and on budget are major tenets of any construction project. Each GDOT project will contain specific requirements for deliverables and milestones. Missing schedule can often result in penalties and /or termination of service. Our training will provide information on tools to create project plans to ensure you are able to deliver milestones and projects on time and on budget.

Safety – If you are interested in doing business with the Georgia Department of Transportation, you must understand required safety protocols. Are you aware of where you can obtain the necessary workplace safety training? Our Team can provide guidance on acquiring the knowledge of roadway safety and adhering to the traffic control measures to ensure the safety of work crews and the traveling public.

Project Selection – Every project is not a good project for your company. As a business owner, you will incur costs to evaluate and pursue projects with the Georgia Department of Transportation. Do you know what projects are worth your investment in time and cost? This training will assist firms in determining when to Bid or Not Bid on projects. From our trainings, You will receive criteria to objectively help you evaluate your firm’s ability to perform, assess your prior performance, and also understand the projected profitability of the project.

So again, we ask, what’s in your toolbox?

Carol Phelps

Program Manager

GDOT Sate Supportive Services